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A   L U X   C A T T E R Y





Thank you for your interest in our cattery, I have been a breeder for over 10 years and I would love to share with you my passion for this amazing breed. Scottish Fold cats are known for their discintive ears that fold forwards and downward, giving them a cute and owl-like appearance. They also have large, round eyes that for us, that can come in any color, but the most striking are the bold blue ones that contrast their fur. 

Scottish Folds and Straights are not only beautiful, but also very friendly and affectionate. They have a gentle and calm temperament, and they get along with other pets and children. They are very adaptable and loyal to their owners, and they love to cuddle and play. They are very intelligent and curious, and they can learn tricks and commands easily.

I take pride in providing the best care and nutrition for my cats and kittens. I have a family-home based cattery, where I have only 1 Dam and 1 Sir, who both have piercing blue eyes and the most loving personality. They are registered with TICA, and have been tested-all around.


My kittens are raised in a loving and stimulating environment, where they are socialized with people and other animals from an early age. They are vaccinated, vet checked, litter trained, microchipped, spayed or neutered and tested for disease and parasites before they come home. All kittens come with a certificate of health by our DVM, a 1-year health warranty, A Luxury Kitten Care Package that includes food, toys, and special surprise item.

A deposit of $500 is needed to reserve your kitten.

Please like and follow us on Instagram. We make all our announcements and updated pictures of our available kittens on the site. 

Text Us Direct or Use Our Form To Reach Us

Phone/Text Number: 312-219-4111

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